Data Viewer

This document describes Data Viewer configuration file and command line parameters.


Automatically start Data Viewer and connect to the Server


Automatically load all data_viewer.txt configuration files in each target


Load a Data Viewer configuration file in the specified target

Parameter Description Required
Target Name of the target

Valid Values: Any Target Name
Filename The Data Viewer configuration file name. Defaults to data_viewer.txt. False


Declare a Data Viewer component

Parameter Description Required
Tab Name Name of the component which shows up in the GUI tab True
Filename Name of the Ruby file which contains the component class True
Options Optional parameters that are sent to the component constructor False


The following keywords must follow a COMPONENT keyword.


Declare a packet to process by the component

Parameter Description Required
Target Name of the target

Valid Values: Any Target Name
Packet Name of the packet True

Command Line Parameters

Usage: ruby DataViewer [options]

    -h, --help                       Show this message
    -v, --version                    Show version
        --system FILE                Use an alternative system.txt file
        --stylesheet FILE            Use the specified stylesheet

Window Size Options:
        --minimized                  Start the tool minimized
        --maximized                  Start the tool maximized
        --defaultsize                Start the tool in its default size

Window X & Y Position Options:
  Positive values indicate a position from the top and left of the screen.
  Negative values indicate a position from the bottom and right of the screen.
  A value of -1 indicates to place the right or bottom side of the window
  next to the right or bottom edge of the screen.
    -x, --xpos VALUE                 Window X position
    -y, --ypos VALUE                 Window Y position

Window Width and Height Options:
  Specifing width and height will force the specified dimension.
  Otherwise the window will layout according to its defaults.
    -w, --width VALUE                Window width
    -t, --height VALUE               Window height

Data Viewer Specific Options:
    -c, --config FILE                Use the specified configuration file
    -s, --start                      Start processing immediately
        --replay                     Start Data Viewer in Replay mode