Securing COSMOS

This document describes how to secure a COSMOS installation.


COSMOS is primarily secured by properly configuring settings with the system.txt configuration file. The following settings are important.

Setting Description Recommended Settings
X_CSRF_TOKEN This is a secret value included in all API requests. Change this from the default to something different for each project.
LISTEN_HOST These settings define if TCP/IP servers opened by COSMOS accept connections from just localhost (, or external connections ( It is recommended to leave these all set at unless you need to allow external access
ALLOW_HOST Adds to the list of allowed hosts in the HTTP Host header of COSMOS API requests. Defaults to just localhost:7777, localhost:7778, etc. To allow connections to COSMOS APIs from external computers you will need to add YourCOSMOSServerIP:7777, YourCOSMOSServerIP:7778, etc.
ALLOW_ORIGIN Used to specify websites that are allowed to access COSMOS. Default to None. Add the hostname and port of websites that should be allowed to access the COSMOS API. Typically None
ALLOW_ACCESS Specifies hosts (IP Addresses) that are allowed to connect This setting still defaults to ALL, but for enhanced security, only allow connections from expected external computers.
ALLOW_ROUTER_COMMANDING Allows COSMOS routers to accept commands and forward them to interfaces. It is recommended that you do NOT include this line in your system.txt file unless you need to send commands through routers (such as some CmdTlmServer chaining use cases)


Setting the above settings correctly will provide a relatively secure COSMOS installation. For enhanced security, please ask about our upcoming COSMOS Enterprise Edition product.